Billion SG3030S

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Billion SG3030S

BillionSG3030S series is a cost-effective energy monitoring and management solution deployed in Home Area Networks (HAN), building, solar system and factory energy management. The Billion SG3030 is a ZigBee-based wireless power meter, while the Billion SG3030S is based on RS485 standards. Both meters can help households and building owners monitor power consumption in real time.

The Billion SG3030S series is a wide range of multiphase line electronic meters that support single-phase three-wire, three-phase three-wire and three-phase four-wire systems. It supports a flexible power supply compatibility of AC 77~520V. User can be able to know the number of phases used and to monitor the status of device via the LED indicators on the front panel easily.

  • Type:Exterior
  • Region: Asia
  • Country: Taiwan
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