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Billion SG3015-T1

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Billion SG3015-T1

The Billion SG3015 series is a cost-effective energy monitoring and management solution deployed in Home Area Networks, solar system, factory, commercial building and warehouse etc. The device allows the users to monitor how much electricity is being used by each individual electronic device so that energy efficiency can be improved.

The Billion SG3015 series can store the measured electricity data and wirelessly communicate this information to a cloud, PC, or mobile phone through a Smart Energy Gateway. The Billion SG3015 series is available in four models according to different types of connector in order to meet users’ electrical environments. The user can measure the energy usage of an air conditioner by plugging it into the Billion SG3015-T1. They also can deploy the Billion SG3015-T3 or the Billion SG3015-T4 in a power cabinet in order to measure and monitor the electrical consumption throughout the entire power circuit.

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  • Region: Asia
  • Country: Taiwan
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