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BELO Large Lamp

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BELO Large Lamp

The exterior of the bamboo lamp features a traditional handlacquered finish and is combined with a contemporary woven cord. The natural spun bamboo interior diffuses a soft light.

Design: Anne & Thibaud Klepper for EKOBO

EKOBO Handmade products are handcrafted in a traditional spun bamboo technique: a bamboo pole is cut with a machete into thin strips which are dried, then wound in a spiral around a stone mould. 12 coats of lacquer (a natural glue) are applied to the spun bamboo form. Lacquer is made by combining the sap of the bread tree and river silt.  It is then dried, sanded, polished and painted. This meticulous process takes artisans anywhere from 30-45 days depending on the complexity of the piece. 

  • Type:Interior
  • Region: Europe
  • Country: France
This product is an alternative to traditional plastics, disposable or fragile dishware. To extend the life of our products, we've combined FSC-certified bamboo fibre, a highly-renewable natural resource, with a 100% food-grade melamine binder.
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