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Battery Storage


When it comes to stability of energy in your business, one of the long-standing issues with most energy sources is the intermittency of the supply. Battery storage solutions enable you to capture the energy generated by both renewable and conventional energy sources and store it to use at times of demand. Now your business can make the most of every bit of self-generated or cost-effective free electricity you produce and reduce your dependence on costly traditional power providers. As the price of batteries continues to fall, their performance continues to rise so more businesses are taking a closer look at how battery storage can dramatically lower their monthly energy bills, especially when combined with a commercial solar panel system.


Using a combination of available National Grid incentive schemes and techniques, we can maximise revenue and increase your savings with battery storage. With renewable generators, the greatest income is earned from your system when you use the power yourself instead of exporting it back to The National Grid (Self Consumption). That is because the cost of buying energy from the Grid is up to three times the rate you will receive from exporting it. The ideal scenario for a renewable energy system is therefore 100% self-use.


Despite the wide array of financial National Grid scenarios that can seem mind-blowing, the technology isn’t. First, the batteries used in energy storage are very similar to the ones you’d find in a cell phone, cordless drill or electric car. Besides their size and the software used to manage them, they are just batteries that use chemistry to produce energy on demand. And just like their smaller stablemates, these battery storage systems need to charge, store the energy and then discharge the power when it’s needed. That will provide the lowest electricity cost and maximise income at any given time.


We will survey your business operations and then provide a proposal for an entirely engineered battery storage solution from design, installation through to commissioning. Following the installation, we are here to provide a full management and maintenance package with performance health checks and verification via remote monitoring. We will then put together a thorough business case, outlining the technology options available, benefits to the company and costs, and if you are eligible as a business, we will also assist you with Carbon Trust funding options to offer you the most appropriate system for your needs and budget.

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