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Bathroom Cleaner

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Bathroom Cleaner

0.5 litre     NET 17 fl oz (US)

1 litre        NET 34 fl oz (US)

10 litres    NET 338 fl oz (US)

The Bathroom Cleaner can be used wherever you need to remove limescale and greasy dirt at the same time.

Removes limescale deposits in hard-to-reach places and simultaneously cleans fittings, stainless steel, floor tiles and shower walls in bathrooms and kitchens.

Application / Dosage: 

Spray and leave on for several minutes – depending on the limescale deposits, wipe off and rinse with clean water.

Attention: Not suitable for calcareous surfaces such as marble, alabaster, terrazzo, artificial stone, concrete, etc.

  • Region: ANZ and Oceania
  • Country: Australia
laundry and cleaning in harmony with nature, and especially with the water, in a considerate and revitalizing way.
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