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Bamboo Straws- Pack of 15

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Bamboo Straws- Pack of 15

The number of drinking straws we use daily on planet earth is very big, its in millions. Sadly, as we’re all aware, most plastic straws end up in the garbage, and are never recycled. which goes straight to the ocean and kill the beautiful marine animals If you haven't been till know, now is the time to make a switch to Bamboo Straws. They are biodegradable so when you are done with it, they can easily return to Earth leaving a minimal environmental impact

Product Description

Packet of 15 (approx. 9 inch) eco friendly, reusable, bamboo straws and a brush to clean which are easy to carry and use on a daily basis. All our straws are cleaned, cut and boiled to prevent any residual flavour. Our straws have a smooth inner surface preventing any food particles from accumulating; are dishwasher safe and the brush makes it easy to clean. The edges of the straw are rounded to make it safe to use by children and senior citizens alike. Serve to conserve. 

The Pack Contains-

15 Bamboo Straws

1 Cleaning Brush

1 Reusable Travel Cotton Pouch

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  • Region: Asia
  • Country: India
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