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Bamboo Paper Towels - Eco-Friendly Reusable Paper Towels

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Bamboo Paper Towels - Eco-Friendly Reusable Paper Towels


SAVE MONEY: Each Bamboo Paper Towel is meant to be used from 80 to 100 times. One roll of bamboo paper towels replaces 60 single-use kitchen rolls. REUSABLE Paper Towels are a money-saving and indispensable tool in every house for every cleaning

SOFT&STRONG, SUPER ABSORBENT: Reusable bamboo paper towels are soft, which makes them perfect for any skin type, as much as sensitive skin, and strong enough to clean all surfaces. Bamboo towels are the best helpers in any cleaning

SAFE&ECO-FRIENDLY: Eco-friendly paper towels save the forest and are multipurpose. Use them for cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, garage, car, washing the floors and windows, or anywhere you want. Cloth paper towels reusable washable are made from natural bamboo cellulose. It is safe for kids, adults, and pets. Wash your BAMBOO TOWELS & use them again

PERFECT CLEANING: Paper bamboo towels leave no film and scratches. Bamboo towels reusable are incredibly absorbent. Bamboo towels are superior to paper in cleaning performance, and they never leave fluff or crumble under pressure like regular paper towels!

MULTIPURPOSE REUSABLE PAPER TOWELS: Use GLOSCLEAN Bamboo Towels even without cleansers. Reusable Paper Towels with a tear strip are convenient for everyday use. In fact, you may be able to use just one bamboo towel Reusable

Details: Glosclean - Bamboo paper towels reusable washable in a tube will change your routine cleaning. Try earth-friendly bamboo paper towels instead of traditional paper towels &napkins and save space in your closet and kitchen. One roll of paper towel reusable replaces 60 single-use kitchen rolls. Reusable paper towels can be washed and reused up to 80 times. Use bamboo reusable paper towels in the same way as  regular paper towels .Each bamboo paper towel is made from 100% natural bamboo cellulose. Two rolls in a package. A reusable paper towel roll has 20 perforated lint-free bamboo sheets . Our  kitchen reusable paper towels with a tear strip are easy to split.Glosclean kitchen home reusable bamboo paper towels are extremely absorbing. Bamboo reusable towels are more effective for cleaning than paper towels and fabric napkins.Our washable bamboo towels are soft while also strong enough to clean all surfaces.Bamboo reusable paper towels are perfect for cleaning your home, car, garage or taking in travel or camping, just anywhere you want.Reusable bamboo paper towels washable are durable and absorbent, so they can easily replace cleaning products, saving your money and earth .Eco bamboo towels made from bamboo trees, growing faster than trees. Hence bamboo paper is better for industrial production.The usual paper keeps 80% more bacteria than bamboo.Bamboo reusuble paper towels are safe and recommended for use at home and office.Size of 1 sheet in reusable towel roll: 28*28cm / 11*11 inchesTry bamboo towels , and we are sure you’ll never return to single-use paper towels .

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Made of bamboo and eco friendly
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