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Bamboo Fibre Travel Coffee Mug Grey (400ML)

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Bamboo Fibre Travel Coffee Mug Grey (400ML)

No matter how you take your cup of coffee or tea, odds are, it’s in a plastic mug or a cup. Its insane to think how many plastic and paper cups are thrown away in the world everyday. These cups are never recycled are dumped into the ocean to kill our beautiful marine creatures.A coffee mug can be just as, if not more, important to a coffee drinker than the beverage itself. Coffee drinkers like to stand out in a crowd. But that can be hard to do when coffee sits in a boring Styrofoam cup

This one of a kind Reusable Coffee mug is made from finest quality of Bamboo Fibre and Corn Starch . This travel mug will add a splash of colour to your picnic and office table or just look cool to carry while on the go made with eco-friendly materials.  So Go reusable to save money in coffee shops & stop waste with a this beautiful coffee cup!

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  • Country: India
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