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Bamboo Disposable Square Plates

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Bamboo Disposable Square Plates

SUPERIOR QUALITY: These sturdy 100% bamboo plates are sure to serve your event and party needs. Made from real stems (or culms) of bamboo trees they are thick enough to withstand any dish, no matter the temperature. The leak-proof nature of natural bamboo plates will ensure that they won't sag as your family and guests pile up their plates. You are guaranteed not to find a stronger more reliable disposable plate than our bamboo plates!

ECO-FRIENDLY: Our bamboo plates offer guilt-free disposability, being both compostable and biodegradable. Brheez Bamboo Dinnerware is also free of any chemicals, dyes or bleaches. Clean up will be a breeze (or BRHEEZ as we pronounce it) as you can toss these 100% all-natural plates into a composter or even bury them in your backyard to degrade!

REAL BAMBOO: Believe it or not, most bamboo plates being sold in stores and online are actually not made from bamboo at all, they are made from Arcia leaf or palm leaf, as they are most commonly known. Palm leaf plates are simply made by drying out the leaf and then putting it into a press, resulting in inconsistent natural patterns and very often mold-like spots which come from dirt and blemishes not properly cleaned off the leaf. Brheez Bamboo Plates are made from 100% authentic bamboo!

ELEGANT: Get ready to impress your friends and family with these stylish chic disposable Brheez bamboo plates. Their smooth clean and consistent blemish-free finish will enhance any party or event. From a wedding to a backyard BBQ, these rustic plates will add unmatched class and decor to any occasion. Whether celebrating a wedding anniversary or your kids first birthday, these plates are guaranteed to leave your guests dazzled!

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: All "Brheez Tableware" products are guaranteed to meet your expectations, hence our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!


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