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Bamboo cutlery set (8 pcs) including napkin and cutlery bag [Yellow]

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Bamboo cutlery set (8 pcs) including napkin and cutlery bag [Yellow]

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About the product:

Environmentally friendly, reusable and sustainable 8 piece bamboo cutlery set that comes wrapped in a cotton canvas wrap-around cutlery bag (24cm x 6cm approx.) with a napkin. The bamboo cutlery set is a perfect way to stay eco-friendly and make the small changes needed to help the environment by reducing the use of plastic cutlery.

The cutlery set is light weight (see weight description below), durable and comes protected in a cutlery bag that has multiple different colours and patterns that you can chose from.

The cutlery set is perfect to take to work, to the picnic or for travelling. The bamboo cutlery set can also make a beautiful gift for friends and family.


History behind the bamboo straw:

The bamboo straws are sourced from Buleleng, north Bali. They are washed, polished and cut by a family in Ubud. The bamboo straw production was started by a boy who needed to fund for his education. Today his whole family is helping him to meet the demand for his growing business. Today he studies English at a university and we are proud to be part of his journey!


Cutlery set includes:

– 1 x spoon

– 1 x fork

– 1 x knife

– 1 x chopsticks

– 1 x bamboo straw

– 1 x straw cleaning brush

– 1 x cotton 100% tenugui napkin

– 1 x cotton canvas wrap-around cutlery bag


Size (Approx.):

– Spoon 20cm / 7.8”

– Fork 20cm / 7.8”

– Knife 20cm / 7.8”

– Chopsticks 22.5cm / 8.85”

– Bamboo straw 20cm / 7.8”

– cotton canvas wrap-around cutlery bag 24cm/ 9.4” x 6cm / 2.3”


Weight (Approx. for 8 pcs bamboo cutlery set including the cutlery bag and napkin): 77g


Care instructions:

-Bamboo cutlery

• Wash with warm soapy water.

• Keep in a cool dry, well ventilated place.

• Do not store the cutlery damp.

• Avoid soaking the cutlery in water for long periods.


-Cutlery bag:

• Wash it with sponge and cold soapy water.

• Do not scrub over printing on the bag to avoid colour fading.


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