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Bamboo Coffee Mug / Eco Friendly Mug-(300 ML)

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Bamboo Coffee Mug / Eco Friendly Mug-(300 ML)

This bamboo mug makes for an extraordinary option in contrast to its plastic partners. Perfectly carefully assembled by craftsmen, it is a perfect replacement for the ceramic or plastic cup at your office or home and it is absolutely safe for both hot and cold fluids. The structure is made by consuming the bamboo mug outwardly and the handle is additionally produced using Bamboo, joined utilizing Bamboo nails. They are heat-treated and microorganism safe and henceforth don't assimilate fluids nor affect the flavour of your drinks. 

Quantity range from 250ml to 300ml.


Common, eco-accommodating, and substance-free

Bamboo is a tough, inexhaustible asset

Reusable and without plastic

Handmade by High-Quality craftsmen 

Warmth treated and organism safe

Each Bamboo cup has a unique size. 

  • Type:Interior
  • Region: Asia
  • Country: India
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