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BACnet® Products

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BACnet® Products

Reliable Controls building controls products are tested and listed with the BACnet Testing Laboratory (BTL). Look for the BTL mark and be confident with your next building automation system integration

What does native BACnet mean?

Native BACnet means that the BACnet operating stack is embedded directly in the device. Every Reliable Controls BACnet Controller has the BACnet stack at the board level. 

Every Reliable Controls device is peer-to-peer. There are no additional management devices required for communications with other vendor's products.

Future Proofing

Your building automation system will begin paying dividends immediately through energy savings, and improved comfort. Future-proof your facility by insisting on native BACnet Controller products. 

BACnet will not become obsolete. It is an open standard protocol (ASHRAE Standard 135) that can easily be extended with new features to meet the rapidly changing demands of the Building Automation industry. 

This is accomplished without introducing any incompatibility with existing BACnet networks and products. Eliminate obsolescence and save money.

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