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Using our proprietary method, Organic Cycling Science , we hyper-concentrated vegetative waste to pull out the most essential nutrients. This means maximizing for available growth hormones, enzymes, and macro-and micronutrients, and optimizing for water solubility.  This effort was motivated by our interest to reduce our own shipping costs and climate profile, reducing our water shipping weight by 80%, and ensuring that these nutrients are available to your plants. 

Used for vegetative growth, Chilean Nitrate  (a non-synthetic mineral sourced from natural deposits of caliche ore found in the extremely arid Atacama desert of northern Chile, provides nitrates, sulfates, potassium, and iodine, while the remaining ingredients are from our sterilized, mixed vegetative waste and plant extracts that we process each day. This includes a mix of unrecoverable, residual byproducts from food manufacturing such as carrots, peas, amongst others. 

Every order will be sold at the minimum packaging level in order to optimize our own carbon footprint. We use food-safe, BPA-free, collapsible, clear liquid packaging. For every 10 of these collapsible liquid packages ordered and used, we will reduce the cost of your next order by $10.00 and provide a free return shipping label for us to receive them for sterilization and reuse. This bioplastic is compostable but will take years to compost. We are always actively seeking the best 100% compostable packaging solutions.




Easy to pass, non-viscous liquid

Includes extracts of our Booster Shot Biostimulant product

We have been told our products create a distinct flavour profile for produce


OMRI Certified Sodium Nitrate ("Chilean Nitrate")

Mixed sterilized, vegetative waste and plant extracts

Application Rate

4 mL is to be diluted with each gallon of non-chlorinated, reservoir water

Highly concentrated to minimize shipping climate effect

It is incredibly important that one adhere to the electroconductivity (EC) requirements, amongst other items, of each plant variety as the usage rate of this product will vary greatly depending on the nutrient requirements of the plant being grown