AVB Vertical biofilter

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AVB Vertical biofilter
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AVB Vertical biofilter

Grey water treatment modular system. AVB act is a superior mix between a trickling filter, constructed Wetland and green wall with the following advantages: Low foot space. It’s not depending on ground quality. Easy maintenance : Bio filter media is packed for easy washing or replacement. No Bad Odors ! . AVB is a natural aerated process and outlet air is filtered. 4 functions in one unit : Trickling filter, sand filter, Green wall and air filtration . It’s Modular and fast to install It’s beautiful to see, enhances unappealing wall spaces. Important reduction of the foot space: 0.5m2/inhabitant. No flooding problems during tropical rain season. Excellent results on Suspended solids, Odors, BOD removal. Increase the green surface of site location : 1m2 of foot space installed give you 5m2 of green surface!

  • Type:Exterior
  • Region: Asia
  • Country: Indonesia
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