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Auditorium Seating Primera ISI

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Auditorium Seating Primera ISI

A key feature in any venue, the choice of auditorium seating should be carefully considered and will very much depend on the intended purpose of the building – the type of events and performances to be held there.

Regardless of whether it is for a conference facility, theatre or corporate auditorium, the design and auditorium chairs themselves are essential elements when attracting events and maximising the revenue potential of your venue.

Visitor experience will be greatly enhanced by the overall aesthetics, optimal comfort, ease of access and most importantly, a clear and unobstructed view. Additionally, auditorium chairs should be attractive, comfortable and functional. Our auditorium seating collection offers customisable features such as the integrated Wrimatic™ A3 writing tablet, cupholders, personalised embroidery and different upholstery options.

Ferco Seating will not only give detailed attention and consideration to capacity and sightlines, we will also work with you to achieve the right balance between aesthetics, ergonomics and comfort – providing you with an optimal seating solution.


The ISI chair has been designed to complement modern theatres and auditoria. Its clean lines, square shoulders and compact envelope ensures that it will enhance the look of most theatres. With wooden armrests as standard and is fitted with a wooden outer back and/or seat pan.


The ISI comes with the option of a seat damper to reduce noise when the seat is tipping up to its closed position.


The closed depth envelope means it will fit in most existing theatres while the variable angle, slim backrest provide the most space for legroom.


The ISI backrest is a generous 965mm high. The chair can be upholstered in a huge range of fabrics, giving the opportunity to match the aesthetic aspirations of the theatre owner.



Where wood is used, it can be varnished to work in harmony with any existing or proposed wooden finishes in the hall.










  • Contemporary design
  • Wooden back and seat outer 
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Floor mounted
  • High backed


  • Region: Global
  • Country: Global
These are SGBC certified
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