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Ash, Mountain

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Ash, Mountain

Mountain ash is a large Australian hardwood that can be used for timber framing, flooring, internal applications and furniture.


Mountain ash timber is usually pale brown in appearance and may also be pinkish or pale straw. Like alpine ash, the sapwood is not clearly distinguishable, usually 25 - 50mm in width.

Mountain ash features a moderately course texture and straight grain, although it may be wavy in parts resulting in a fiddleback appearance. Gum veins are also a common appearance feature. Growth rings are also conspicuous.

A pale walnut colour can also be achieved by steaming alpine ash with ammonia.

Common Applications

Mountain ash can be used for protected structural applications, such as timber framing, but being a non-durable hardwood it is more commonly used for flooring, furniture and high value joinery. Other applications include mouldings, weatherboards, handles, cooperage, paper pulp and in the manufacture of plywood.



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