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Ash, Crow’s

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Ash, Crow’s

Crow’s ash, also known as Australian teak, is a large hardwood species native to parts of northern New South Wales and Queensland. It grows in the coastal rainforests from northern News South Wales to Gladstone in Queensland and can reach up to 40m in height.

Crow’s ash is slow to dry and surface checking may occur if it is dried too quickly. Its heartwood is golden yellow with a more distinct, paler sapwood. Aside from appearance, Crow’s ash main benefit is that it is a very strong timber.

Crow’s ash is predominately used for flooring and decking. It is also used for boat building and outdoor furniture. In times gone by it was used as flooring for dance halls due to its highly durable characteristics.

While it is visually appealing, this species is not easy to work with, which limits the applications it can be used for. Crow’s ash is quite greasy which means it is hard to glue and nail.

Due to its limited availability, Crow’s ash timber may attract a premium.

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