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Phone Number: 607-8628455
Company Address: 44 & 44A, Jalan Palma Rafis 1, Taman Dato Chellam,Ulu Tiram , 81800 Johor


The AR5L portable analyzer increases the benefits of the CIR-e family as it has a display screen and records the measured parameters in 2 or 4 quadrants. It has an internal memory that stores the electrical parameters for subsequent downloading onto a computer via the communications cable.

It allows for the selection of variables to be recorded, as well as the recording period and the starting conditions for recording the measured parameters.

It has several operating programs running in order to perform harmonic studies, quality reports, flicker measurements, checking leakage currents and earth leakage relays, among others.

The unit's recorded data is compatible with the programs Power Vision and Power Vision Plus.


Measures all of the main electrical parameters of an electricity network

Measurement in true root mean square

Built-in energy meter

With 4 voltage channels and 4 current channels (AR5-L)

Configurable auto-trigger, depending on the parameters required

Languages: Spanish and English

Large backlit LCD display

CAT III 600 V (EN 61010). UL Certificate

Display of up to 30 electrical parameters on the screen

Small size and reduced weight, only 800 g

Independent files for each measurement

Including the powerful analysis software: POWER VISION PLUS

Configurable with menus

Optional operation with no external power supply, with an autonomy of up to 8 hours

RS-232 Communications with PC

Clamp auto-detection

Auto-selection of parameters stored

Calculation of the time remaining until the memory is full

Linear or rotating memory (depending on the configuration)


Complete study of the installation where the analyzer is capable of gathering different types of records: harmonics, disturbances, meter verification, transients, flicker, etc.

  • Region: Asia
  • Country: Malaysia , Singapore
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