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AngelStep® 484P acoustic underlay

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AngelStep® 484P acoustic underlay

The unrivalled performance of AngelStep®  484P was designed for use in apartments and townhouses, upmarket housing and professional office and consulting suites where discerning buyers expect performance beyond that mandated by the minimum requirements of the BCA.

AngelStep® 484P has been developed to suit construction over a timber structure. It is 10mm thin & is supplied in tiles 1150x1150mm (1.3225m2)

AngelStep® 484P achieves this with its unique and patented polymer construction. No degradation of acoustic properties due to structural collapse under the weight of heavy furniture, castors and appliances.

Independent tests by Wilkinson Murray #09053/A with a new 20mm tongue & groove floor installed over a timber structure. They estimate an untreated floor system L’nT,w 75 and with the use of AngelStep 484P a significant improvement of 17~19dB

AngelStep is a resilient product, however the intent is that the product is providing an acoustic treatment. In any arrangement it is important that the flooring system that is installed above the acoustic underlay has its own structural integrity.

Key benefits

 Outstanding acoustic performance

High sound absorption

High impact insulation & strength

Water & most chemical resistant

Will last the life of the flooring material

Easy to install

No VOCs, no smell

10mm thick

Australian designed & manufactured vibration damping absorber made from 75% recycled materials

Product Specifications

Standard panels are 1150x1150x10mm easily cut to size

  • Region: ANZ and Oceania
  • Country: Australia , New Zealand
Made out of 75% recycled materials
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