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Analytical And Laboratory Service

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Analytical And Laboratory Service

INSEE Ecocycle established a dedicated analytical laboratory which provides accurate analytical test reports on waste and waste derived materials. Certain analytical testing are accredited with ISO 17025 while the laboratory is also registered with CEA.

Commercial analytical services currently available

Bomb calorimeter NCV

ICP                         All the heavy metals

Viscosity meter         Viscosity

pH meter                 pH

Geiger counter        Radioactivity

Moisture balance Moisture content

Muffle furnace         Ash content

XRF                         Inorganic oxide content

The following analytical services will also be provided

Chloride Analyzer      Total Chloride content

S Analyzer                      Total Sulphur content

Flashpoint Analyzer      Close Cup Flash point

VOC meter              Total VOC

  • Region: Asia
  • Country: India , Indonesia , Sri Lanka , Thailand , Vietnam , Bangladesh , Cambodia , Laos
Green World Award 2018 Global Gold Winner - INSEE Ecocycle
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