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An Asbra Safety Stair Tread Nosing -

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An Asbra Safety Stair Tread Nosing -

S Series Recessed

Asbraloy S Series Recessed Safety Stair Tread Nosings are designed for new and existing applications where pedestrian safety, stair appearance and stair longevity is of particular concern. The systems can be recessed into new work or recessed into existing floor finishes

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Latham Australia Pty Ltd is proud of their efforts to maintain and improve the environment and our planet. At Latham's these sentiments were implemented long before this was a big issue and long before the majority of Green and Conservation Authorities came to prominence. For over 30 years Latham's have had a stringent recycling/reuse program in place, which has been refined over the years, but the original principals still stand. Latham's have a waste minimisation process in place to minimise over run and waste and will continue to develop systems in line with best business practices.
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