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Company location: Ireland


A unique enterprise-grade cloud software platform

AMCS Platform is a unique enterprise-grade software platform that runs in the cloud and is designed based on the best practice processes of thousands of waste & recycling companies across the globe.

The platform is inspired by global market trends, driving automation and delivering end-to-end standardization and optimization of all your business processes. A platform that enables established waste & recycling companies to operate smarter, more seamlessly, and more digitally. With the AMCS Platform, we have created an ultra-modern, scalable platform that marries industry-specific software with best-in-class optimization capabilities, e-commerce ingenuity, and on-vehicle technologies. We empower our customers with an intelligent platform that predicts and actions, whilst supporting the ongoing transformation of the industry to a circular economy. AMCS Platform seamlessly integrates six solutions.


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At the foundation of the AMCS platform is a cloud architecture, that enables you to construct and scale a rock-solid and secure enterprise management system for all of your businesses. Where others offer siloed solutions, AMCS offers an end-to-end integrated platform with 6 core solution areas on a single platform designed to interoperate seamlessly.


AMCS Platform

A cloud based platform that enables established waste & recycling companies to operate smarter, more seamlessly and more digitally.


Intelligent Optimization

Route optimization enables businesses to deliver a significant cost reduction in fuel, wages and more


Enterprise Management - ERP software

Open your eyes to greater profit and productivity


Contract Management

Increase competitiveness, revenue, market share and margin


Digital Engagement

Streamline and digitize customer and partner processes to create operational efficiencies and drive margin expansion.


Mobile Workforce

Paperless driving! Reduce costs, increase efficiency, and eliminate revenue leakage. Optimizing operations with IoT, wireless sensors, RFID, PTO, and CANbus.


Vehicle Technology & On-board Weighing

Enables you to reduce costs and helps eliminate revenue leakage in your collection operations


Metal Recycling Software

With one integrated IT system, AMCS Recycling Software helps metal recyclers to digitize and automate all their operations.



Describe, predict, and improve business performance with unparalleled insights across your entire business. Gathering data on collection operations, customer activity, transfer stations and resource facilities to provide enterprise-wide transparency and in-depth reporting that is critical in identifying cost-savings and operational efficiencies.


Demand Planning

Effective demand planning is about ensuring a continuous supply of material over a period to meet production needs. It’s an equation, looking to match the supply with the demand and at the right time.


Guided Navigation

The use of complex algorithms is taking technology’s ability to realise improvements in operational efficiency to the next level.


Driver Assisted Terminal

The AMCS Driver Assisted Terminal (DAT) is a self-service optimal weighing experience that supports unmanned scale house operations, reduces operating costs and mitigates risk.  



AMCS payments solution, AMCS Pay, optimizes payment processes to reduce administrative costs and improve cash flow by enabling customers and suppliers to pay more quickly and easily.


AMCS Scale House

AMCS Scale House interfaces with your scales to provide real-time, reliable, and accurate information for each individual job. It enables you to track all incoming and outgoing material at the scale house including both scheduled jobs and on-site gate arrivals. This information is the cornerstone of both the accounting and environmental departments within your business.


AMCS Transport Management System

Designed to fully automate the planning, optimization and execution of your transport operations


Grading and Quality Evaluation

Improving the inbound grading and quality evaluation process


Subcontractor Management

Subcontractor Management digitizes subcontractor processes to support business growth and profitability


Customer Self-Service

Reduce call volumes, decrease call center operational costs and increase customer satisfaction


EDI and eBilling

The AMCS EDI component automates how you both send and receive invoices