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Aluminium Flat Pouch with Zip Lock

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Aluminium Flat Pouch with Zip Lock

This sachet is designed and manufactured with utility and practicality in mind. Made of Mylar foil and aluminium, this pouch is extremely durable and strong, perfect to protect your delicacies. Heat seal grants great barrier against any external factors, like humidity or oxygen, while zip lock on top allows the contents to be accessed multiple times without compromising the freshness. Beautiful, yet simple, silvery design will also surely be appreciated by the customer.

Available in:


85 x 140 mm 100 microns

110 x 170 mm 100 microns

130 x 220 mm 100 microns

160 x 260 mm 100 microns

210 x 310 mm 120 microns

250 x 365 mm 140 microns

  • Region: Europe
  • Country: United Kingdom
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