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Company location: Malaysia


Series X is a wing-inspired solar control system championed by fine engineering for today’s performance demanding and fashion conscious Designer. Its dynamic elliptical shaped blades project a sleek and futuristic image whilst performing excellent solar heat and glare reduction.

The SP.ace Aerofins System offer versatile and multiple design options – horizontal, vertical or angled and may be highly customized to meet many new design requirements. Its elliptical shape with rounded ends reduce wind noise and project a dynamic appearance at the same time, creating an excellent expression of form and function.

The SP.ace Aerolites System with its unique perforated metal elliptical blades further enables building designers to maximize the use of natural light whilst minimizing the problem of glare or excessive solar heat gain.


Proprietary louvers system consisting of elliptical shaped panels, holder and end caps. Available in various modules to meet individual specifications.


  • An excellent expression of dynamic form and function
  • Superior glare and solar heat gain control
  • Exceptionally useful in reducing wind noise
  • Highly customizable to demanding M&E equipment specifications