Alternative Proteins Made From Clean Carbon Dioxide And Hydrogen

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Company location: United Kingdom


Proton is Deep Branch’s single cell protein developed for the animal feed industry. Made from locally sourced ingredients, it has a bespoke nutritional profile produced from microbes grown on clean and sustainable carbon dioxide. Proton provides security, transparency and traceability and is 60% less carbon-intensive than conventional proteins. The commercialisation of Proton will tackle the climate emergency and reduce the food industry’s impact on biodiversity loss, as the protein-rich ingredient has no arable land requirements. 


Proton™ for feed producers

Elevating the global food system to meet society’s needs sustainably

Proton™ is not just more environmentally friendly, but also provides a continuous supply of a price-stable, price-competitive, and nutritionally optimal macro ingredient. Proton™ offers a 60% saving on carbon footprint.