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All in Two Solar LED Street Ligh

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All in Two Solar LED Street Ligh

All in two solar LED street light is similar as all in one solar LED street light. With all in two design, its solar panel, LED lamp, Lithium battery and charging controller are all integrated in two bodies. It is also easy for the installation. The main advantage of all in two is that solar panel and LED lamp can be in different direction. It will totally meet all requirements based on different longitude and latitude countries.

For the working way, it has the same intelligent lighting system as all in one solution. The lamp can work automatically based on day and night. There will be three working ways(Motion Sensor/Time Control/Internet Control) according to different requirements. There will be no more setting after your installation.

Compared with traditional solar street light, it can be much easier for the installation and transportation, much longer lifespan than lead-acid traditional one and much cheaper for the maintenance fee.

  • Region: Europe , Asia , Africa
  • Country: Germany , China , Nigeria
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