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Alh1 School Lockers

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Alh1 School Lockers

The first Australian accessible shelving locker that meets DDA building guidelines.

- Designed for one user per locker bay.

- The right width, depth and height to ensure optimal usability.

- The plinth is raised 450 mm off the ground so the locker is easier to use.

- Large enough to fit gym or school bags.

- Ventilation at the back of the unit keeps lockers fresh.

- Add or remove shelves to suit your needs.

- Shelves can be fixed or adjustable.

- Includes accessible signage and handle required for DDA lockers.

- Select any commercial finish for doors, kickers, bulkheads and end panels.

- Choose from our range of accessible DDA compliant locks including digital and smart locks.


  • Region: ANZ and Oceania
  • Country: Australia
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