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Company location: Germany


The algae image because our future green is use the super power of microalgae and get your unique specimen - a living algae image for better air, free of chemicals and pollutants.

Do not use any electricity & save the climate

The climatic disasters of the last few years are clearly related to the emissions caused by humans. Emissions from energy generation and the operation of technical systems are particularly intense. So set an example for the appreciation of resources by using a technology that works without external energy and instead is based on the mechanisms of nature.

Improve your ambient air

Through our skin and respiratory organs, we are constantly in direct contact with the air that surrounds us and the suspended matter it contains. This explains why we feel so influenced by our surroundings. The air quality contributes significantly to our well-being and the productivity of our actions. It is therefore very valuable to fully exploit this potential and to create the best atmosphere with natural air purification.