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Our Indoor Environment System (IES) offers significant technological advances when compared to traditional ducted air conditioning systems. The IES utilises the Bernoulli principle and Venturi effect to continually mix the air, preventing hot and cold areas in the home or building. With other air systems that operate with less pressure, this effect does not occur effectively. The system also features advanced 3 stage air purification, meaning it heats, cools and purifies in one.

In 2011, AirSmart recognised that this technology was ideal for the Australasian market . The team spent five years rigorously researching and developing the product to suit the local market. They now provide AirSmart systems to a select number of highly reputable integrators across Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Over 2500 systems have been delivered to date.

There a many advantages to our IES system, including:

Clean Air: When AirSmart’s Air Purification module is added, your system will not only provide the best in heating and cooling, but clean the air using the same system that NASA uses at the International Space Station.

Improved air mixing – our IES creates an even air temperature between floors, eliminating hot and cold areas throughout the home.

Better efficiency – the IES is up to 50% more efficient than traditional hvac systems

Smartflow duct- smaller diameter to fit where traditional cannot, whilst being 300% more efficient and whisper quiet

Draft free – the IES requires 40% less airflow compared to larger duct systems.

Our technology is unparalleled in the market. AirSmart’s indoor units are half the size of those offered by competitors because, unlike anyone else, we use more compact energy sources. Our Indoor Environment System saves a vast amount of room, and is up to 50% more efficient than larger duct systems. AirSmart’s Smartflow ducts can be as small as 100mm in diameter, while conventional system ducts can be as wide as 500mm. Smartflow is also up to 300% more efficient than larger ducting. AirSmart’s adaptable, open-sourced technology avoids the limitations of rigid traditional systems. Energy sources that can integrate with our IES system include: hydronic heating, thermal or chemical batteries, chillers and geothermal sources. AirSmart products can also accommodate a range of systems including bathroom and wet area ventilation, outside air or energy recovery ventilation, alfresco air curtains, and off-grid net zero energy solutions.