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Air Ventilation Oxidation Equipment (VAM)

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Air Ventilation Oxidation Equipment (VAM)

In general, the methane content of gas in 80% to 90% of coal mines is lower than 5%. The most common way people usually adopt is direct evacuation to reduce the potential safety hazard. The air ventilation oxidation equipment works based on gas with methane content of 0.3-1.2% and gas with methane content of 1.2-4% mixed and diluted and then used by this equipment.

1. The oxidation equipment in the air ventilation oxidation equipment not only oxidizes the ventilation gas in the coal mine, but it can mix the exhaust gas with the ventilation gas and oxidize the mixing gas.

2. The heat produced in the oxidation process will be output in the form of vapor. 

3. According to the site condition in the coal mine, the supply of heat, electricity and cold can be combined by using the air ventilation oxidation equipment. This can reduce the emission of greenhouse gas, save energy, promote the safe production of gas and realize zero-emission of gas in the coal mine.

1. In February, 2005 Shengdong first put forward the air ventilation oxidation technology theory. Shengdong had successfully developed the 200Nm
3/h oxidation equipment and proved the theory correct by repeated tests.

2. In March, 2006, Shengdong applied China national patent for this air ventilation oxidation equipment and gained the patent certificate in May, 2007.

3. Shengdong developed the air ventilation oxidation equipment with a mass air flow of 10000Nm3/h and passed the technical evaluation organized by national development and reform committee, coal industry association, environmental protection administration and safety supervision bureau in August, 2007.

4. In December, 2007, Shengdong successfully developed the oxidation equipment with a mass airflow of 60000Nm3/h.

Shengli is a major manufacturer and supplier of air ventilation oxidation equipment, based in China. We run our company in strict accordance with ISO9001 international quality system and ISO14001 international environmental management system. All of our coal mine gas generator set, biomass generator set, and oilfield diesel engine are produced in strict compliance with international standard, and customers can feel secure in purchasing them. If you are in need of any of our products, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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