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Air to Water Heliotherm Heat Pumps

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Air to Water Heliotherm Heat Pumps

Numerous international patents and awards document the leading position of Heliotherm in the heat pump field. Heliotherm and Earth Save Products both consider customer satisfaction as the highest and most important award. They continue to look forward, together with more than 180 fellow distributing partners around the world.

Our new ESP Heliotherm Comfort Compact Air to Water Booster Heat Pumps and Ground Source Heat Pumps are the latest in innovative technology. Introducing The World’s Quietest Heat Pump.

The driving force behind the design of the Heliotherm range is to produce a market leading heat pump that has the highest efficiency and performance on the market. They have been designed to work in countries that have far colder climates than we experience in the UK. If you had a heating issue in the Austrian mountains you would have a serious problem and it just wouldn’t be acceptable. This is precisely the area where the Heliotherm is designed, manufactured and produced to cope with this kind of environment. The average winter temperature in the UK is 7°C and the heat pump design is mainly designed around that temperature whereas the starting temperature in Austria is -7°C. This highlights the difference between the standard UK heat pumps and the high performance of the Heliotherm range that we are offering.

  • Region: Europe
  • Country: United Kingdom , Ireland
Cost effective renewable heat energy. World’s most efficient heat pump technology Environmentally friendly working fluid – no greenhouse potential Heating outlet temperatures of up to 70°C are possible, able to combine with conventional radiators PV-Ready – with performance adjustment to the available solar power Quiet – sound optimized casing design
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