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Air Pollution Abatement Technology

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Air Pollution Abatement Technology

APA - Air Pollution Abatement is a revolutionary technological solution without filters, modular and intelligent, integrated with IoT services, for the abatement and monitoring of environmental pollutants, indoors and outdoors.

Thanks to the synergy of chemical-physical-mechanical processes, using only water , APA effectively captures and eliminates pollutants, reducing dust, gas, fumes, odors, bacteria, viruses and pollen for full health protection, and for the protection and protection of redevelopment of the territory.

APA is an advanced certified technology at the service of people and the environment. APA is a Best Available Technology (BAT - IPCC 2008/1 / CE), and is a leader in enabling and industrial technologies as  Key Enabling Technology ( KET) with a high intensity of R&D and innovation in processes, goods and services, of functional, systemic and strategic importance for the productive revaluation of the European Union in a future of challenge and innovation (COM (2009) 0512).

Within the European Horizon 2020 design, four different "Seal of Excellence" and the SME Instruments "Grant Agreement" Phase 2 attest to its excellence, impact, quality and efficiency of implementation, a high quality project in a highly competitive scenario.

The continuous research and technological application, the awareness of the criticality of resources in a context of great evolution and the consolidated experience on highly regulated markets make us reliable and innovative partners in all areas of application, indoor and outdoor, public and private

- transversal clean air solutions , single or integrated in safe and personalized multimedia platforms with exceptional added value for sustainable development and a healthy lifestyle starting from the quality of the air around us.

- regulatory compliance services for RSPP obligations and facilitation in certification processes including TEE, LEED, BREEAM of Corporate Responsibility.

  • Region: Europe , Asia , North America
  • Country: France , Italy , United Kingdom , China , United States
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