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Agricultural, Construction and Earth-moving Equipment

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Agricultural, Construction and Earth-moving Equipment

Agricultural, construction and earth-moving equipment (ACE) must be able to operate almost non-stop and often in harsh environments, which puts great pressure on the coatings. At the same time, features such as gloss and colour retention must withstand the toughest operating conditions.

Vehicle manufacturers are therefore looking for a durable high-quality surface protection against frequent exposure to weather, salt, water, chemicals, earth and other sources of abrasion.

A wide range of solutions

Beckers is a global leader in innovative industrial coatings for the agricultural, construction and earth moving equipment (ACE) sector. All our products are proven to fulfill the highest requirements for aesthetics, anti-corrosion, weathering, and chemical and mechanical resistance.

Our wide range of solutions covers the following applications:

Agricultural equipment such as tractors, telehandlers, trailers, site dumpers, slurry tanks, manure handling, combine harvesters, forestry equipment, ploughs, fertiliser spreaders and pesticide sprayers

Construction and earth-moving equipment such as bulldozers, excavators, backhoes, mobile and static cranes and lift platforms

Conveyors used in mining and industrial process plants

Crushing and screening equipment

Material-handling equipment such as fork-lift trucks

In addition, we supply the associated sub-contractor and component supplier network with equivalent technology to the OEM in order to ensure consistency of colour and performance.

A glimpse of our coatings for ACE

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We are continuously improving how we manage sustainability at Beckers. When it comes to reporting our sustainability performance we have used the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines since 2012.
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