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Company location: South Africa


The AGAMA BiogasPro-3 is our latest digester, and was launched in 2012 for testing and to the market in 2013.  It is best suited small households in rural or new development applications, and in formal sewer environments where the application is below-ground with the inlet sewer depth of 330 mm.

The AGAMA BiogasPro3 does the following:

mixes the contents for increased gas generation efficiency

naturally decomposes biodegradable materials without the additional any chemicals

stores the biogas that is generated by this natural decomposition

generates an internal pressure which allows the biogas to be piped directly to the point of use

The digester mixing, gas storage and pressurisation are all achieved without any mechanical input at all i.e. no pumps or motors of any kind.

It weights 120 kg, has a total volume of 4500 litres, and can store up to 800 litres of biogas.