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Acoustic Insulation

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Acoustic Insulation

Absorb the power of acoustic science

The tones of a deep voiced lecturer or mumblings of the people up back at a concert seem minor but have the ability to transform interesting into irritating.

Our high-end premium acoustic insulation assists with echo absorption and reverb reduction to enhance live venues, theatres, sports stadiums, residential apartments and industrial complexes.

The ceiling and cavity infill range, works wonders in all of these places as well, but does the ever important job of reducing sound transmission through ceilings and walls.

Martini Absorb

High performance sound absorptive insulation to control reverberated noise in building interiors. Ideal to use behind perforated panels, soffits or cavity infills for sound absorption across a wide range of frequencies. Its available in sheets or rolls and is a solid, scientifically proven all-rounder. View more details…

Martini Absorb Soffit

An ideal exposed insulation solution, Absorb Soffit allows you to maintain design integrity of a building with exposed ceilings and still get all the acoustic benefits. Sheets can come precision cut to size with pre-drilled holes for ease of installation. View more details…

Martini MAB

Multi-purpose insulation designed and manufactured to specific densities and thickness to create the ultimate acoustic and thermal performance in commercial and industrial environments. View more details…

Martini Prime

High standard polyester fibre insulation that supports the acoustic absorption and thermal properties of hardy building materials such as masonry, plasterboard and aerated concretes. View more details…

Martini Easy Baffle

Fill the void and audibly enhance the space you’re in. Recommended to be compressed above a partition wall within the ceiling void to reduce flanking noise between rooms. View more details…

Martini MSB

Designed to increase the acoustic performance of partition walls and ceilings in commercial applications

  • Region: ANZ and Oceania
  • Country: Australia
Preventing pollution and waste is a global issue of urgency. CSR Martini manufactures in a way that is environmentally neutral, reducing our impact on our world. Although sound itself is never seen – the results of being a sustainable business are. We are industry leaders in the way our products technically enhance the daily spaces we live in and the way we help reduce plastic waste and pollution. We are incredibly proud of our EPD (Environmental Product Declaration). We are Australasia EPD certified and International EPD certified. It is a fully transparent document explaining exactly what our products are made of and the impact their manufacture has on the world. Conducted by Edge Environment, it includes a life cycle assessment for 80 of our products, because sustainability extends well beyond the creation of something. How long it lasts, what happens to it over time, potential for recycling and reuse are all factors in offering truly sustainable products.
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