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Acczent Excellence 80

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Acczent Excellence 80

Acczent Excellence 80

TOP 3 Benefits:

• Post Production Recycled Content

• Product Take Back Scheme

• No need for additional cleaning chemicals

Tarkett’s Acczent Excellence 80 compact, flexible heterogeneous vinyl flooring comes with TopClean X-treme Performance surface treatment for ease of cleaning, eliminating the need for wax or polish for the life of the product, and also reducing associated water and energy use for cleaning. The product offers excellent scratch, abrasion, scuffing and staining resistance and has a glass fibre non-woven backing for dimensional stability. Acczent Excellence 80 is manufactured in an ISO14001-certified site.

This product is a compact heterogeneous vinyl flooring with a polyurethane coating, suitable for use in a range of applications in the commercial, residential and education sectors.


  • Region: ANZ and Oceania
  • Country: Australia , New Zealand
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