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Accrediation Modleing and Simulation

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Accrediation Modleing and Simulation

Green Star, the green building rating tool of the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA), includes a number of credits where simulation is the preferred means to compliance. These include the credits dealing with energy, air change effectiveness, natural light, daylight glare control and thermal comfort. Solid Green Consulting has extensive experience in modelling and simulation for projects seeking Green Star certification, and has been involved with the GBCSA in developing and improving the simulation process in Green Star.

LEED, the green building rating tool of the United States Green Building conditional requirement to meet the ASHRAE 90.1 energy efficiency standard. Alongside our partners Ecocentric (cc), Solid Green is involved in compliance and design modelling for LEED projects in South Africa, including a hotel and a precinct.

The National Building Regulations, including the voluntary SANS 204 standard and the compulsory SANS 10400 Part XA standard, can be complied with using modelling and simulation. Simulation represents one way that new buildings in South Africa can demonstrate the rational design method of compliance with the above standards.

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  • Country: South Africa
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