7-Piece Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set with Cloth Bag Knives Fork Spoon Cho...

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7-Piece Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set with Cloth Bag Knives Fork Spoon Chopsticks Straw

Whenever we go out for a meal or some get-together or we when we eat street food, it’s almost always the case that the cutlery is made out of plastic. This is how we’ve always done it, but the problem is that it can be extremely wasteful because plastic cutlery is mainly a one-time use product and rarely gets recycled.

Keep this light-weight, zero waste, reusable and portable plastic-free bamboo cutlery kit in your bag while you travel and you will never have to use plastic cutlery again. These cutlery are also great for your day to day home uses as they are made from high quality Bamboo and does not break easily.

The Set contains - 1 knife + 1 fork + 1 spoon + 1 chopsticks+ 1 cleaning brush + 1 bamboo straw + 1 travel bag

Made of high quality pure Bamboo material,cutlery set is sturdy and durable,heat-resistant, anti-rust.

Easy to use and clean

Suitable for use in hotels, homes, bars, parties.


Come's in a carrying case, which makes them portable and easy to bring with you everywhere.

Plastic free packaging

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  • Region: Asia
  • Country: India
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