5Kg - Eco Friendly Cardboard Honey Comb Void Fill Recyclable Bubble Wrap Replacement

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5Kg - Eco-Friendly Cardboard Honey Comb Void Fill

Honeycomb and shredded cardboard is the best eco-friendly alternative to bubble wraps. With

many other uses, these cardboard roles can provide great cushioning to any heavy product so

that it stays safe in shipping cartons. Simply roll your product and it’s ready to go for shipping.

- Like bubble wrap, honeycomb cardboard roles are double-walled.

- Provides great protection as packaging.

- Flexible to suit any kind of product, even large and heavy items.

- Shredded cardboard can be used for excellent mulch around the garden.

- Have a bird, cat or pet that needs changeable bedding/litter? Just use shredded


- 100% eco-friendly and easily biodegradable. Add some pieces to your compost too.

- Can be used as a sturdy flower vase filler to keep artificial flowers in place.

- Use it as fillers in boxes for products.

- Honeycomb rolls can provide a convenient and eco-friendly disposable floor mat for

picnics. Its soft to sit on and easily rolls up.

With many flexible uses, honeycomb and shredded cardboard is a great for packaging, pet

bedding and garden mulch as it’s 100% safe for the planet and our wildlife