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4” WPS® Solar ECO pack

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4” WPS® Solar ECO pack

The 4” WPS® Solar ECO pack is a solution for 4” borehole solar pumps using a WPS® 0,37kW 3x230V AC motor and a 4” WPS® stainless steel borehole pump

A special WPS® Solar controller has been developped for this motor power, using a voltage boosting module to reduce the quantity of solar panels needed (from 2 to 4 270Wp solar panels). The global efficiency of the system is then largely improved!

It covers a flow from 1.5m³/h up to 8m³/h with a head up to 38m.


This is a perfect solution for the following application

agriculture and irrigation

tank applications

lifestock water supply

household applications

small communities water supply

  • Region: Europe
  • Country: Belgium , Portugal
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