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4 Sizes of Square Wooden Bowls

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4 Sizes of Square Wooden Bowls

Bring a unique and wooden twist to your dinnerware, with this high-quality melamine dinner set

If you are fed-up with the monotonous glass and ceramic dinnerware that is available in the market, it’s time that you start reinventing the choice of dinnerware that you choose for your home. With the help of our zero plastic square wooden bowls, reflecting Japanese style and artisanship, you will get to bring about an eco-friendly twist to the bowl or plate that you use for dining.


Available in 4 different sizes, our standard package includes the size that you choose. You can choose from small, medium, large and extra-large sizes, depending on your needs and requirements.

Being made from different parts of a tree, these wooden bowls, though handmade, are very sturdy and have a unique finish to each component.

They serve great as a salad plate, pasta bowl or for serving snacks and fritters. You can even choose to use these bowls in your restaurant or hotel and bring about a unique twist to the ambiance.

If you are planning about gifting something useful to a relative or friend, or if you are bored, seeing the same old dinner plates and bowls, it is time that you bring about a change in that. Our dinnerware bowls are made from stellar quality natural rubberwood. They have been elegantly finished, such that there are no rough or sharp edges. The finishing is done with clear food grade lacquer. These bowls allow you to get creative while serving, making the food look even more appetizing.



Material: Wood

Certification: FDA, LFGB, CQI,


Capacity: <1L

Technique: Handcrafted

Color: Natural Wood Color

Dimension: S: 12.5cm*4.5cm;

M: 15cm*4.5cm;

L: 18cm*4.5cm;

XL: 21cm*4.5cm


  • Region: North America
  • Country: United States , Canada
Eco Friendly Product
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