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3D Technics

This design of panel is more than an acoustic enhancement- it is a piece of three-dimensional art. Adding a distinct visual appeal to any room, this panel is suitable for both work and play areas as with most of our panels. Strip-like ridges like pipes running along the wall, add fun and highly striking optical interest to places whilst disguising the panels true intent.

Product Specifications

Width Height Depth
600 600 50mm


100% polyester (PET) over 50% recycled

Test Results:

Acoustic: Class C – 0.70 NRC

BS EN ISO 354: L2003 tested at SRL UK.

Fire: Class 1 – BS1 D0

tested to:EN ISO 11925-2 Small flame attack/ EN 13823:2010 Single Burning item

  • Region: Africa , Europe , MENA , North America
  • Country: Austria , France , Greece , Norway , Portugal , United Kingdom , Canada , Saudi Arabia , United Arab Emirates , Tunisia
Soundtect Acoustic Wall and Ceiling panels. Using way over 50% recycled polyester, the panels are a third generation product which began life as a plastic PET bottle
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