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From New Zealand's ancient Mamaku Ranges to the famous Blue Spring, our sparkling water is soft with light little bubbles and exclusive label design by NZ artist Hayley King (a.k.a FLOX).

The water's journey begins high in the Mamaku Ranges, where ancient eruptions created layered aquifers within fractured rock and volcanic sand. These deep aquifers are recharged by rainfall, moving rapidly from the Mamaku Plateau to eventually emerge into our source, the Blue Spring. Our taste profile is soft, with light-little bubbles* elevating the exceptional taste even higher. It pairs perfectly with meals or as a stand alone refreshing and elegant beverage.

Naturally Alkaline

Soft, Smooth Taste

Bottled At Source

100% RPET

100% Recyclable


One of our proudest achievements to date. All bottles shipped from our plant are made from 100% RPET (Post Consumer Food Grade Recycled Plastic).


This stops new or “virgin” plastic being added to the planet, we simply collect what is already out there to recycle and reuse. Essentially a closed loop system. Our bottles are also 100% recyclable. Not to mention they are BPA, BPS, BHA and BHT free. Our cardboard cases are made from 75% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. We then contribute to bottle redemption programs worldwide to help keep recycling centers operating.


We will continue to improve our environmental imprint as packaging and technology improvements become available, so every customer can continue to feel good about drinking 1907water.

Like our water, we want to leave everything as untainted as possible. It starts with our ancient single-source aquifer, that has been refilled by snow-melt and rain for centuries. This renewable water source naturally rises to the surface under its own pressure, without the need for machinery or energy usage.

As a water company, we understand every drop is precious.