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The year is 2020. Within the horticultural industry, you are struggling to meet pressures and government demands of moving away from traditional plant trays and holders into more sustainable and recyclable products.

Tri-Pack is equipped to help with this. Don’t let 2019 pass you by without exploring the option of our new environmentally friendly and sustainable plant trays and plant packaging ranges. These products that will solve the impending nightmare for the horticultural industry.

As with all of Tri-Pack products, packaging and plant trays designed for the horticultural industry are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly – meeting demands for a new sustainable product.

Tri-Pack has been working into the horticultural industry for many years now and know that packaging for the horticulture industry must be strong and durable as the goods are packed in conditions that require high moisture and low temperatures. We also understand your packaging is a focal point for sales, therefore we print and brand your plant trays and packaging to stand out from the crowd.