100% Compostable Disposable Biodegradable Lunch Box

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100% Compostable Disposable Biodegradable Lunch Box

Eco-friendly 100% Compostable Disposable Takeout Food Containers Lunch Box.

Whether you're planning a "green" family gathering or stocking up your eco-friendly coffee shop, café or catering service, we've got a great selection of 100% compostable and biodegradable food and deli disposable takeout containers to meet your needs.

Disposable takeout clamshell food containers are made from renewable sugarcane and are 100% compostable

Compostable sugarcane food containers are made from naturally grown sugarcane and are easily converted by nature back into simple, stable compounds that are absorbed back into the ecosystem. This process takes only a few months with normal composting and introduces no toxins into the environment.

All of our hinged containers are disposable and compostable. They have secure locking systems, are sturdy enough for hold hot or cold food items, and are microwave and freezer safe.

So if you're looking to Green your coffee shop, cafe, catering business, or food delivery service, eco-friendly compostable sugarcane food containers are a great way to start!

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100% composite raw materials
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