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100% Chemical - Free Floor Cleaner

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Phone Number: +91-99529 32169
Company Address: #69, Thilagar Street , Maruti Nagar phase-1, Thundalam, Iyyappanthangal , 600077 Chennai

100% Chemical - Free Floor Cleaner


Byo-Green Premium – India’s first 100% chemical-free bio-organic floor cleaner….


1. Byo-Green is India’s first Chemical - Free bio organic floor cleaner, which boosts
“Environmental- immunity ©” by eradicating all harmful bacteria & germs.

2. Byo-Green is researched and produced using knowledge of ancient Indian bio-herbal methods
of cleaning.

 3. Byo-Green Combines the benefits of Organic Ark, Pine-Oil & Lemon Grass oil. – No chemicals involved or used in manufacturing.

4. Byo-Green’s effectiveness is certified by Govt. of India recognize labs


1. Byo-Green is 100% effective as it eradicates all harmful germs and fungus with the “triple potent ©” power of Organic Ark, Pine, and Lemongrass oils.

2. Byo-Green is 100% safe on Skin, Lungs, Eyes, and vital organs.

3.  Byo-Green is highly recommended for usage in air-conditioned rooms and offices which provides truly chemical-free air.

4.  Byo-Green is in concentrated form and it can be diluted 100 times which makes it a very cost-effective cleaning solution in the short and long run.

5. Byo-Green is especially safe for usage in environ having infants and Old age people.

6. Byo-Green does not affect skin and health of pet animals.


  • Region: Asia
  • Country: India
It is purely a product formulated in farm using natural ingredients from nature..SO it doesn't require exclusive green certificate
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