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014 Footstool

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014 Footstool

Our ‘honey dipper’ turned legs. Simple and understated, this design of footstool will slip seamlessly into any chic living space. Have a look at our fabrics to find a perfect match for your personality and your home, for a beautiful colour block statement. With our range of leg stains, you’ll be sure to find a finish to compliment your room in just the right way.

As always, our products are handmade in our workshop using entirely eco-friendly, non-toxic materials. Free from harsh chemicals and FR treatment.

  • Region: Europe
  • Country: United Kingdom
Each piece of furniture we create is made from scratch, built to last and contains natural materials in place of man-made synthetics. Modern upholstery techniques often use polyurethane foams that are damaging to the environment and present safety issues, such as emitting harmful gasses in the home. This is because polyurethanes form carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide and other toxins during decomposition or combustion. We believe, on all counts, it’s far better to use traditional, time-tested manufacturing principles and incorporate natural, breathable materials whenever possible. In addition, we also partnered with the National Trust and are committed to planting one tree every time we make a sale.
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