Pepsico promises pepped up packaging position

PepsiCo yesterday announced a new global packaging goal to double the percentage of beverage servings it sells through reusable models from 10 to 20 per cent by 2030, vowing to deploy “disruptive innovation” to boost the use of refillable drinks packaging worldwide.

Unveiled as part of the soft drinks giant’s PepsiCo Positive (pep+) sustainability strategy, the company said the new target would build on its $3.2bn investment in 2018 to acquire SodaStream and its decision to sign up to the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment.

The new commitment to boost packaging reuse across its products is also designed to help deliver on the company’s overarching target to reduce virgin plastic per serving by 50 per cent by 2030 and deliver net zero emissions by 2040.

The company said it would pursue a four-point plan to meet the new target which would see it expand its SodaStream business, including to commercial customers; build out its refillable plastic and glass bottle offerings in partnership with PepsiCo bottlers; expand its fountain drinks business that make use of reusable cups; and work to boost the market for powders and concentrates.

PepsiCo said it already has reusable packaging solutions on offer in more than 80 markets, including refillable and returnable glass and plastic programs in a host of major markets including Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Chile, Germany, and the Philippines.

“Fundamentally transforming the traditional beverage consumption model will require making reusable and refillable options accessible and convenient, at scale, for European consumers – and that’s what we aim to do,” said Katharina Stenholm, chief sustainability officer at PepsiCo Europe. “This is complementing our continuous efforts on scaling recycling. Europe is leading the way in accelerating investment in disruptive technology and innovation to work towards our new packaging goals. Through collaboration with our partners and European institutions, we are committed to creating a viable circular economy for beverage packaging in Europe.”

The new target was welcomed by Sander Defruyt, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Plastic Initiative Lead, who urged other leading drinks brands to follow suit.

“We know we cannot recycle our way out of this plastic pollution crisis,” he said. “By avoiding single-use packaging waste in the first place, reuse business models are an important part of creating a circular economy. Our latest Global Commitment report illustrated the lack of progress on reuse across the industry, and highlighted a lack of ambition when it comes to reuse strategies. We welcome this significant step forward by PepsiCo and we hope other global brands will follow suit and similarly set quantitative reuse targets helping to reduce their use of virgin plastics in packaging.”

The news comes just days after the European Commission unveiled sweeping new plans to crack down on packaging waster, which include proposals to ban a host of single use packaging products and promote the use of reusable options where possible.





Source BusinessGreen

December 6, 2022