‘One stop shop’: New website reveals secrets of greener living


Confused about how to cut your carbon emissions? Tearing your hair out over plastic waste? A new website launching today aims to make low-carbon living a little simpler, by offering visitors a straightforward guide for cutting emissions and adopting greener habits.

The brainchild of environmental scientist Angela Terry, One Home aims to become a ‘one-stop shop’ for sustainable lifestyle choices, offering advice on everything from electric cars to energy efficiency measures and sustainable diets.

“Having worked in the environmental industry for many years, I saw a real need for one platform which brings together accurate, practical information into one place that equips people with the know-how on what they can do to make a difference and also how to adapt to climate change,” Terry said. “One Home fills this crucial gap.”

The average carbon footprint of a UK citizen is seven tonnes of CO2 per year. To meet global climate objectives, this needs to fall to one tonne per person.

“Something needs to change – what we are currently doing to tackle climate change is simply not enough,” said Terry. “Fossil fuels still provide 86 per cent of global energy needs hence carbon dioxide emissions are still increasing despite decades of discussing climate change.”

Companies offering low-carbon lifestyle solutions are invited to join the site, which as well as providing advice will also act as a central marketplace for green consumer technologies.

The One Home venture is backed by the Climate Alliance, a not-for profit social enterprise, and Sir David King, former climate envoy and chief scientific advisor to the UK government.

“The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris set an objective to ensure the planet does not exceed a two degree Celsius temperature rise above the pre-industrial level, and make every effort not to exceed a 1.5 degree Celsius temperature rise,” King said. “This will not be possible without raising awareness of the situation. One Home can play a major role in this, encouraging a vital transformation of consumer habits and offering a holistic approach to the problem.”


SOURCE: Business Green