Moixa battery software to boost energy flexibility across 3,500 Japanese homes

UK smart technology firm Moixa is helping to manage home batteries and minimise energy bills for around 3,500 households in Japan, having announced the successful rollout of its GridShare artificial intelligence platform.

The company said it was now managing the world’s largest cluster of live batteries – totalling around 35MWh – through its platform, which has been rolled out in partnership with Japanese trading firm ITOCHU Corporation and TRENDE Inc., a subsidiary of utility Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings (TEPCO).

The GridShare platform uses artificial intelligence to optimise home battery performance, enabling energy suppliers to offer smart tariffs to consumers. It also automatically aggregates spare battery capacity to deliver balancing services to the power grid.

The three companies have launched a new smart tariff enabled by GridShare that is designed to reward home battery owners with lower prices for using electricity outside peak times. Such tariffs are becoming increasingly common due to the growing demands placed on national grids by EV charging and intermittent renewables.

Moixa CEO Simon Daniel said GridShare was now being included as standard in ITOCHU’s home energy storage system offering to consumers. He described the partnership as a major vote of confidence in UK battery and software technology.

SOURCE: Business Green